2018 PSCA National Specialty

Just 3 dogs represented my kennel at the 2018 PSCA National Specialty, and what they did was pretty amazing.

Congratulations to them and their amazing owners, as well as to Susan Buttivant without whom it would not have been possible.

I could not be prouder!

Morlaàs de Terra-Blue at Sunfire TCQ ME-E
(owned by David Clayton)
Wed – did not attend the show
Thu – RWD
Fri – WD 3pts
Sat – WD/BOW 4 pts / received his TCQ
Sun – WD 5 pts & AOM / Merit Evaluation: Excellent

Mélusine de Terra-Blue TCQ CGC HIC TKA BCAT ACT1 NF RN ME-E
(owned by Sheril Ray & Diane Overstreet)
Wed – WB 2 pts
Thu – RWB
Fri – WB/BOW 3 pts
Sat – RWB
Sun – 1st Am Bred / Merit Evaluation: Excellent

BIS BISS GCH. Isaby de Terra-Blue TCQ ME-E
(owned by David Clayton)
Wed – BOB
Thu – BOB
Fri – Select
Sat – BOS / received her TCQ
Sun – AOM / Merit Evaluation: Excellent