In addition to her other dog activities, Joni Monney-McKeown also judges at conformation dog shows, both at all breed shows and specialties all over the continental United States and Alaska, as well as in Europe.

Joni judges:

  • Australian Shepherds (AKC/ASCA Senior Breeder Judge/FCI)
  • Pyrenean Shepherds (AKC/PSCA before AKC recognition)
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgis (AKC)

She has judged in the US, Canada, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and  Sweden.

In addition she has also had the honor to judge:

  • 2008 National Specialty – US – Best of Breed (AKC Aussies)
  • 2009 World Show Specialty – Sweden – All Classes (FCI Aussies)
  • 2009 National Specialty – US – All Dogs (ASCA Aussies)
  • 2013 Nationale d’Elevage – France – All Classes (FCI Aussies)
  • 2014 1st AKC National Specialty –  All Classes (AKC Pyr Sheps)
  • 2015 National Specialty – Belgium – All Classes (FCI Aussies)
  • 2016 National Specialty – US – Best of Breed (ASCA Aussies)