Who We Are

“At Terra-Blue we like to think our name represents who we are. Though diamonds are not found in great quantities, their beauty and elegance are admired by all. While we are a small kennel, Terra-Blue has produced a number of “diamonds”. Our dogs speak for themselves… quality is not necessarily related to quantity.”

This has been our motto since the 1980’s, and it is still true today.

From a our first litter: CH. Lena – National Specialty Premier Aussie
….to today: GCHG. Silene – the top winning Pyr Shep in AKC History

Some things just never change.

We are proud to have produced:

The Top Winning Pyrenean Shepherd in AKC History (Pyr Sheps)
First Multiple BIS Pyrenean Shepherd (Pyr Sheps)
First BIS Pyrenean Shepherd Bitch (Pyr Sheps)
First Owner Handled BIS Pyrenean Shepherd (Pyr Sheps)
Multiple PSCA ROM & Versatility Award Dogs (Pyr Sheps)
Multiple Westmister & Eukanuba BOB Winners (Pyr Sheps)
National Specialty Winners (Aussies & Pyr Sheps)
ASCA Hall of Fame Sire (Aussies)
USASA Hall of Fame Excellent Sire (Aussies)

OUR GOAL At Terra-Blue, our goal is to produce mentally and physically sound dogs that can live in today’s world, while at the same time preserving the intelligence and function they were originally created for.

OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS We are breeders of champion, herding, agility, obedience, rally, flyball, tracking, fastcat, as well as versatility and HOF/ROM titled Pyrenean Shepherds (Berger des Pyrénées) & Australian Shepherds.

OUR INTERESTS Our main interest has been breeding and Conformation, along with limited involvement in other performance events. Though we are not heavily involved in herding, we still feel that herding ability is an important characteristic of herding breeds and strive to incorporate and maintain that ability in our breeding program.

OUR HISTORY Terra-Blue was started in the 1980′s by Joni (Johnson) Monney-McKeown after she was bitten by the “show bug” when her first Aussie, Hearthside Social Butterfly (from breeder Betsy Jones Sokolawski), went Best in Show Puppy at a large rare breed show in NY. That puppy went on to produce, out of her first litter, Terra-Blue’s first champion: CH. Windy Oaks Lena of Terra-Blue (owned by Ila McLaughlin), who was both a National Specialty Premier Ten Bitch and Top Specials Bitch.

During the 1980′s Emmy Adasiewicz was also involved with dogs, both as a groomer and showing German Shepherds. In 1988, though they still didn’t know each other, Joni and Emmy both purchased Aussie puppies from the same litter: Hearthside Just My Style “Jusse’”and CH. Hearthside Tuxedo Style. “Tux”. (“Tux” was Emmy’s first Aussie.)

Several years later, in 1992, Emmy was looking for another black tri male puppy, and was told by Betsy (Hearthside) about a very special puppy that Joni had, but that he wasn’t for sale. Emmy called anyway, things clicked, and she ended up picking up the puppy that wasn’t for sale!

His name was “Cajun”, and the rest is history. CH. Terra-Blue Just Too Hot HOF HOFX “Cajun” was a dog with an impeccable temperament, structure, and movement. (His photo is used on the movement slide for the AKC judge’s education presentation). He was an outstanding show dog, but more importantly is proved to be an outstanding sire that had a great impact on the breed, all over the United States, siring dogs that would carry his grace and style on for generations.

As the result of their connection through “Cajun” Joni and Emmy developed a very special friendship and also began working together with the dogs. As Emmy became more and more involved with Terra-Blue, she became an important part of it, and was finally officially added to the kennel name Terra-Blue in 2000. (You can read more about some of our early Aussie journey at: 2002 USASA Journal Interview).

Joni and Emmy also both started judging Aussies with ASCA, eventually both becoming ASCA Senior Breeder Judges. Later they both judged Pyrenean Shepherds for the PSCA before AKC recognition. Joni also became an AKC judge of Australian Shepherds, Pyrenean Shepherds, and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. (See more at: Judging)

In 2003 Terra-Blue also become an AKC registered kennel name.

After judging the breed for a time, Joni eventually added Pyrenean Shepherds to her kennel in the early 00’s. That adventure led to travel to the Pyrenees, and involvement in the parent club working on getting AKC recognition through working on the bylaws, and the breed standard, as well as developing the breed’s CHIC requirements, TCQ program (breed specific temperament test), and its various ROM and merit awards programs. She also served the club in various capacities as president and health chair, among others.

After breeding and owning many Pyr Sheps that were winners at the National Specialties, history was made in 2020 when GCHG. Isaby de Terra-Blue AOE STDsd “Silene” becomes the top winning Pyr Shep in AKC history. “Silene” has broken many records and made history in other ways as well, but don’t let that pretty face fool you… Silene works stock as well, and has sheep and duck herding titles.

From the beginning until now, we have accomplished more than we could have ever dreamed when we got that first Aussie puppy years ago. In addition, to the great mentors we have had, the years of work learning about the breed, and our gut instincts about what it takes to produce great dogs, we would be remiss if we didn’t say that these great accomplishments along the way would not have been possible without the many dedicated owners and handlers who allowed these dogs to reach their potential. Thank you all… there aren’t enough words to express our gratitude.


Today Terra-Blue consists of two separate kennels – Terra-Blue South: Joni Monney-McKeown in Tennessee (Pyrenean Shepherds), and Terra-Blue North: Emmy Adasiewicz in Massachusetts (Australian Shepherds).

We are proud to be a longtime member of the French Parent Club: Réunion Amateurs Chiens Pyrénéen