What’s Different About Us?

Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But Performance indicates what the animal actually is.”
– Author Unknown

We do more than just breed our dogs 
This is evidenced by our many champions and other titled dogs, as well as our other accomplishments.  We bring decades of experience in education, exhibiting, breeding, training, and judging (nationally and internationally). 

We carefully plan each breeding that we do 
Puppies are from breedings that we feel will both benefit our breeding program and the breed at large. Great importance is placed on the soundness, both mentally and physically, of all dogs being bred. 

We care about good temperament
Our dogs are dogs we that live with ourselves, or that live with others – they are not just kennel dogs. As a result, we breed temperaments that we would want to live with.  While Pyr Shep temperament is not for everyone, we feel strongly that the dogs should have sound, stable temperaments as described by the breed standard. While this breed can be suspicious by nature, they should never be fearful. (They are not the same thing!)

We care about genetic health issues
Sires and dams are screened for genetic health issues recommended by the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) including: hip certification, patella certification,  eyes evaluated by a canine ophthalmologist,  plus other genetic screenings as available.  We are also willing to discuss the health challenges in the breed; both in our own dogs, and in the breed in general.

We raise our dogs holistically
Dogs and puppies are raised on a holistic diet [combination raw & dog food] and receive limited core vaccinations.  Their lives are also filled with plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and love.

We are concerned about the health of our litters

Puppies receive the appropriate health preventatives for their age, are eye checked clear by a certified canine ophthalmologist, and receive a vet check before going to their new homes.

We don’t expect our puppies to raise themselves 
We spend an incredible amount of time raising our puppies from birth until they leave for their new homes. Our puppies are raised in our homes and are given daily socialization, experiencing a variety of situations appropriate to their ages, from birth until they leave. We invest a tremendous amount of time into our puppies to ensure that they will be well rounded individuals.

We don’t sell our puppies to just anyone

We want to be sure the breed AND each individual dog is a good fit for a potential owner.
A lifetime home is more important to us than a sale. When we talk to potential owners we will share not only the pros, but also the cons about the breed, as well specific information about each individual dog or puppy.

We offer support
We offer buyers our experience and support after they take their puppy home. When you have questions, we are there to help walk you through them.

We guarantee our dogs
We do our best to breed healthy sound dogs, but we back up our breedings with our contract.  (All of our dogs are eligible for AKC registration.)

We give back to the breed
We are members and active participants of clubs and organizations that support and protect the breed.

We are deeply committed to the breed
Our commitment to the breed also includes attending National Specialties in France, visiting the Pyrenees Mountains to understand their heritage, building relationships and visiting breeders and kennels throughout Europe, and importing dogs from Europe.  We believe this is important to preserving classic breed type and character.

We are very experienced evaluating puppies, whether you are looking for your next conformation prospect, performance prospect or companion.
As a conformation judge, these skills come in to play in evaluating puppies.  And if you are looking for your next performance prospect, we have a proven track record in successfully placing dogs where they can reach their potential in whatever venue they will be working or competing in.  

Please remember, as well, that a sire and dam having performance titles (or not having performance titles), is not necessarily a reflection of what they and their puppies may be capable of.  Performance titles merely mean that the dog has been trained and shown in performance events.  Dogs without performance titles may have as much drive, instinct and ability as a titled dog does.  

Also, there is no such thing as agility lines in the Pyrenean Shepherd breed, as this is a breed with a small population, and essentially all the dogs are related in some way.  The important thing in finding your next performance dog is finding a breeder that is experienced in evaluating puppies.