Puppy Policies

This is serious!


In placing puppies we determine each individual puppy’s placement according to that specific puppy’s personality, and by the role it will play within its new family. Because, as breeders, we feel it is very important to place each puppy in the right home, we carefully evaluate each puppy’s temperament as it is growing up in order to make this determination.

We work with buyers to choose what puppy would work best for them from the litter. It is our goal for the dog to have a happy, lifetime home with equally happy owners, and we have been very successful using our experience to match up puppies and owners.

While buyers may choose to limit what sex and color puppy they would like to have, we do not encourage this. Buyers who do so must be aware that this will limit their chances of getting a puppy from a specific litter, since the puppy of that color and sex in the litter may not be the best match for them. (FYI… the differences between a male and a female that will be neutered or spayed is minimal. Both make excellent pets.)

Please understand that the careful breeding of puppies on a limited basis is not a made-to-order business in regards to color, sex, temperament or quality (show or pet).

In matching puppies with owners, we try to be as expedient as possible in the decision making process, but we do not usually begin making final decisions about which homes individual puppies go to until about 6-8 weeks of age when overall health, temperament, structure and movement can be clearly evaluated. (Puppies do not leave for their new homes until after 8 weeks.)


We may also occasionally offer adults for sale. These dogs are usually retired show dogs or puppies that we “grew up” that didn’t end up making the cut for the show ring. All of these dogs are well socialized, house broken, and up to date on all health checks.


SPAY /NEUTER – which guarantees the health of the dog/puppy, and that they will be free from debilitating hereditary health defects. Puppies sold with this type of contract are wonderful companions, and performance dogs, but are not suitable for showing in conformation, or breeding. They may, however, be shown in obedience, agility, herding, tracking, and rally. These dogs are required to be spayed or neutered. (Owner will receive Limited Registration papers.) Pet puppies (8-12 weeks) start at $1500. Older puppies that are leash broken, crate trained and that have had additional socialization will be priced accordingly, in addition to the above. Companion trained young adults and adults are available only occasionally and are sold on an individual basis. WE SELL THE MAJORITY OF OUR PUPPIES & ADULTS ON THIS CONTRACT

SHOW /BREEDING – which guarantees the health of the dog/puppy, and that they will be free from all show disqualifying faults and debilitating hereditary health defects affecting their suitability for breeding. Puppies sold with this type of contract are suitable for showing and breeding.  Show / Breeding quality puppies will NOT be sold strictly for breeding purposes. (Owners will receive Full Registration papers.) Show/Breeding puppies are sold by Private Treaty WE SELL A VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF PUPPIES & ADULTS ON THIS CONTRACT.

RESERVATIONS – When a reservation for a dog or puppy is placed, a $500.00 deposit is required, which will be deducted from the purchase price of the dog. No reservation, or dog will be held without a deposit.

ALL TRANSPORTATION COSTS (including necessary crates, airline health certificates, etc.) FOR DOGS AND PUPPIES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER.

Airline shipping available out of Nashville International (BNA)

Tremendous care, expertise, time, effort, and expense go into the breeding and raising of Terra-Blue dogs and puppies, and we would be most grateful if requests were not made for discounted pricing. Thank you, in advance, for honoring this request.  
Please be aware also, that it is important for all buyers to have met the breed before serious consideration is given to getting one. This is a unique breed with unique characteristics.  If you have not met the breed in person yet, we are happy to put you in touch with owners in your area, or schedule a visit with us.