In addition to her other dog activities, Joni Monney-McKeown also judges at conformation dog shows, both at all breed shows and specialties all over the continental United States and Alaska, as well as in Europe.

Joni is an AKC Judge for:

    • Australian Shepherds (Regular Status)
    • Pyrenean Shepherds (Regular Status)
    • Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Regular Status)

Joni is an ASCA Senior Breeder Judge for:

  • Australian Shepherds*

Joni was also previously a PSCA Judge:

  • Pyrenean Shepherds (before AKC recognition)

She has also judged at FCI events in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

In addition she has also had the honor to judge:

    • 2008 National Specialty – US – Best of Breed (AKC Aussies)
    • 2009 World Show Specialty – Sweden – All Classes (FCI Aussies)
    • 2009 National Specialty – US – All Dogs (ASCA Aussies)
    • 2013 Nationale d’Élevage – France – All Classes (FCI Aussies)
    • 2014 1st AKC National Specialty –  All Classes (AKC Pyr Sheps)
    • 2015 National Specialty – Belgium – All Classes (FCI Aussies)
    • 2016 National Specialty – US – Best of Breed (ASCA Aussies)

* PLEASE NOTE: Due to FCI rules, Joni does not accept ASCA assignments in countries under FCI jurisdiction.