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Finding a good, ethical breeder can be confusing and frustrating in today’s instant satisfaction culture. Online multi-breed web sites abound, promising the world, willing to ship tomorrow and accepting a myriad of credit cards. Obtuse, hollow guarantees of health, love and loyalty pepper their pages. If it reads like a come on ad for used cars or miracle weight loss, it’s likely a puppy mill in disguise. The internet is a valuable source of information in your puppy search, but is not a substitute for good old-fashioned, real-time, human connection.

Get a puppy directly from a breeder you have been able to develop a relationship with, who will work to get to know you, so that a successful match is most likely. You want a puppy whose early environment is a good preparation for your puppy’s life with you. You want a puppy from a breeder willing to offer “tech support” whenever you have questions, problems or just a proud moment to share ( no one else cares as much!). 

You may want to check the breeder’s page listed on Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America to look for a local, visit-able and ethical breeder.  Visit the web sites, and make phone calls.

Be sure, as well,  that breeders are doing the health screenings recommended by the club on the parents of a litter, as well as doing eye certifications on puppies.  (They should be able to provide official verification for those tests, not just statements on their websites that the tests were done.  Most health screenings can also be verified on the OFA website.)  Also, beware of breeders who dissuade you from buying puppies from other breeders that you have talked to, or who make claims about the superiority of their lines.  Ethical breeders do not engage in this behavior! While at Terra-Blue we may recommend other breeders that we would feel comfortable getting a dog from, we will never negatively comment on other breeders or their dogs, so please do not ask us to do so.

All of these thing are vital in your search. Take your time.